Uproot the Cause of Your Landscaping Woes

Holt & Lansing, Michigan trusts James Clark for tree removal

Perhaps certain root systems keep edging closer to your foundation, or maybe your trees are leaning too close to powerlines. James Clark Tree Service keeps Holt and Lansing, MI residents safe. The moment you notice a hazardous tree, contact our second-generation arborist for an expert opinion. Our locally owned and operated company specializes in dangerous tree removal.

We’ll take every precaution to protect your residential or commercial property, so call 517-614-6445 for your free estimate.

Do you need emergency tree service?

Huge storms are often a property owner’s worst nightmare. If strong winds have caused damage in your neighborhood, contact James Clark for emergency tree removal service. Our Holt, Michigan arborist will:

  • Trim off excess branches and limbs
  • Use a crane to remove stubborn root systems
  • Clear away debris and stumps

No matter how big the storm, we’re on clean up duty.