Trees require maintenance and at times need to be removed

Trust James Clark for tree removal in Holt, Lansing, or Okemos, MI

Have your trees grown too large for their space? Are limbs growing around power lines? Are you building a home and need an entire lot cleared?

We'll assess your removal needs, factor in any additional work related to the project and provide a free estimate. Our team can take a project from beginning to completion quickly with a full complement of services including reseeding and turf repair. If you'd like to consider a more 'budget-friendly' option and handle the clean-up yourself, we can talk you through all the options and help you select an approach that works best for your needs and budget.

Do you need emergency tree service?

Storms are often a property owner's worst nightmare. Storm work takes priority when residents have lost power or have structural damage to their home. To ensure our community residents are safe our team will:

  • Assess the site to determine safe living and working conditions and stabilize the tree and/or limbs.
  • Remove tree and debris off structures utilizing a crane and/or climbing techniques as required.
  • Clear away debris, grind stumps and freshly grade damage to existing turf.

Get ahead of the storm and contact us for a free assessment and quote to prepare for what Michigan weather can dish out.