3 Ways to Spruce Up and Maximize Your Property Value

1. Boost your curb appeal with trimming and removals

Expertly trimmed and healthy trees enhance the value and visual appeal of any yard or property. Whether you have a residential or commercial property in the Holt or Lansing area, you can choose us for trimming and removal and stump grinding. This is necessary to keep your green space looking its best. Although beautiful, trees can become overgrown, crowd other plants, cast unwanted shade or limit the growth of grasses and decorative plants. Often the solution is to trim back overgrown limbs or remove the tree entirely. This is no small task and should always be performed by a trained arborist to ensure a safe and visually appealing result. The Clark Tree Service team is highly skilled and attends frequent trainings and seminars to offer the best management practices within the Arboriculture industry. Call 517-699-6445 to request a free trimming estimate.

2. Prepare Your Trees for Michigan Weather

The vibrant foliage of fall and the bright blooms of spring, make trees a constant source of natural beauty. When you combine those same trees with the fury of Michigan storms, you can face a real challenge. Even healthy limbs can break under the force of winds or the weight of snow and ice. A trained Arborist understands how to prepare a tree for wind, rain, snow and ice to help it withstand whatever nature can dish out. Contact us to schedule a free estimate before the next storm hits.

3. Say goodbye to dangerous trees

Brittle branches tend to snap off unexpectedly, and can damage property, structures and vehicles. Avoid the insurance headaches or paying out of pocket for expensive repairs by hiring the James Clark Tree Service Team. James Clark specializes in large and dangerous tree removal. One client said:

"So thankful that we can see our house from under this massive tree! The extra sunlight we get now in our house is awesome. Our neighbors are also happy that tree branches aren't going to be falling on their house. James Clark did such a great job with all of our trees. He was friendly, worked quickly and professionally. We would hire him again in a heartbeat."
-LeAnn M.

You, too, can experience a more beautiful view. Let James Clark shed light on the perks of tree removal.

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